Video Animation & Intro

Explainer Video Process At Video Explainers

Video Explainers involves a simple procedure like 1, 2 and 3. We have a dedicated team who can put in their valuable time and effort to work on the explainer video process. We can provide you with top-quality videos.

Script Concept and Writing

We first start with gathering all crucial data from the client. Then we write the script. We send a questionnaire to the client beforehand. Based on the answers received our professional scriptwriter works to develop the video script. Once the script is completed, read more »

Voice-Over & Illustrations

Then the storyboard is converted to illustrations. Then the client selects the voice-over. We provide the client with several voices over for approval. Once done, the voice-over gets selected. We also provide our client with a questionnaire with regards to voice-over. read more »


It is the final stage where fine-quality videos in different formats are delivered to the client. It will be easy to upload and use as desired. This is the procedure we follow very clearly at Video Explainers!

Working on the storyboard

Storyboard work begins on approval of the script. The storyboard can be termed to be the script defined in slide form in visual frames. It is then submitted for client review and checked if images are to be used or not in the script.


This is the procedure’s 2nd last stage, where illustrations and animations are synced with background music and sound effects. At every stage, we require client approval to move on to the next process stage. Hence, developing a scribe animation video can be a bit time-consuming as we need to wait for the client to approve our completed tasks. read more »